Thursday, October 14, 2010

I find it interesting....

how few people make eye contact these days.  The lady at Burger King this morning for example, took my order and never once looked me in the eye.  It's a little unnerving how disconnected we are as people.  I regularly walk through the halls at school, or sit in the hallway as I'm doing now, and people-watch.  For every 1 person that meets my eyes, 5 or 6 have walked by staring at the ground or absorbed in their texting/phones.  And of those who do make eye contact, half of 'em apparently don't know how to smile.  *sigh*  We've become very unfriendly as a species.

Thankfully, it seems that as I meet people and work at making the effort to be friendly, after a while, people seem to warm up.  People that I've "known" for a year or more through classes, now recognize me and speak to me in the hallways.

Ok, that sounds a little weird.  Basically, these are folks that are part of this "clique" that exists in the theatre department here.  These kids have worked together for several semesters in various plays, etc., and they're not really very welcoming to new people.  Especially those of us who don't smoke or drink to excess...  *eyeroll*  And originally, I felt very excluded and left out.  (pssst, I don't make friends easily...).  But I promised myself that I was going to make an effort.  So I have.  And surprisingly, most of them have responded in a positive manner.  So, yeah, people who originally were very standoffish now speak to me in the halls.  *grin*  They even know my name....!

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