Friday, October 8, 2010

Day One -- 10/8/2010

So this is my most recent attempt at blogging.  Several people have been pestering me -- you know who you are -- so suffer along and visit often.  :)

Back pain kept me away from the costume shop today.  I could barely stand up -- no way was I driving for an hour to hunch over rental repairs!!  So shot an email to my boss.  He'll understand.  I'll even bring him goodies tomorrow and all will be well.

Several hours later, pain has eased and I am able to get to the computer and set this up.  The whole time listening to some of my favorite songs.  Mostly country these days unless I'm really feeling nostalgic -- then it's stuff from growing up.  Which would be the 70's and 80's.

Music is always a lovely source of inspiration for me.  Currently -- Rascal Flatts with "My Wish".  Awesome song.

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