Thursday, October 14, 2010

I find it interesting....

how few people make eye contact these days.  The lady at Burger King this morning for example, took my order and never once looked me in the eye.  It's a little unnerving how disconnected we are as people.  I regularly walk through the halls at school, or sit in the hallway as I'm doing now, and people-watch.  For every 1 person that meets my eyes, 5 or 6 have walked by staring at the ground or absorbed in their texting/phones.  And of those who do make eye contact, half of 'em apparently don't know how to smile.  *sigh*  We've become very unfriendly as a species.

Thankfully, it seems that as I meet people and work at making the effort to be friendly, after a while, people seem to warm up.  People that I've "known" for a year or more through classes, now recognize me and speak to me in the hallways.

Ok, that sounds a little weird.  Basically, these are folks that are part of this "clique" that exists in the theatre department here.  These kids have worked together for several semesters in various plays, etc., and they're not really very welcoming to new people.  Especially those of us who don't smoke or drink to excess...  *eyeroll*  And originally, I felt very excluded and left out.  (pssst, I don't make friends easily...).  But I promised myself that I was going to make an effort.  So I have.  And surprisingly, most of them have responded in a positive manner.  So, yeah, people who originally were very standoffish now speak to me in the halls.  *grin*  They even know my name....!

Very very tired....but

it was a pretty good day.  I actually got to sleep in somewhat today.  AND I get to sleep in til 7am tomorrow!!  Yay me!!  :)  But the best part of today was working in the shop.  I'm in the process of building a 1940's era evening gown for an upcoming musical.  It's Cinderella ballgown blue satin with a lighter-blue shiny allover lace on top. I flatlined the lace to the satin, which was a real pain in the left foot by the way, and built the bodice the other day.  Today was all about the skirt.  Thankfully, the lace is loose and flowy -- no flatlining involved!! -- but there's lots of skirt.  I started at 3p this afternoon and quit at 8p.  Honestly, I didn't notice the time -- it literally flew by.  And it's days like today that tell me I found one of the things I was meant to do.  I love creating with fabric!!!

Also, someone sent me a link the other day of these absolutely incredible dancers..... I'd post the link here, but can't pull up the website at the moment -- maybe tomorrow.  But it's an inspiring video -- the level of trust this woman has for her partner is incredible.  The leaps and throws and spins.... omg! it's just phenomenal to watch!  Makes me want to dance. To be able to throw myself around like that.....  We'll see..... :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I need to learn.....

to avoid procrastination.  *sigh*  I had all weekend.  Plus a couple extra days due to Fall Break.  Did I work ahead?  Nope.  Did I get my homework done early so I could enjoy the weekend?  Nah.  Nope I waited until today.... And not even early today!  LOL.  No I waited until 6pm to put together a 25+ slide powerpoint presentation!!  Oh, AND stitch together the bodice top for the show!!

*sigh* I've got to get a handle on this.....  *shakes head*

Seriously, I realize what a big part of the problem is.  (Aside from a life-long issue with time management...)  I'm just a wee bit burnt out.  But I'm sooooo close!!  If I can finish this semester, take the couple of clep tests and the departmental exam I want to take (and pass all of 'em!!) Then I'll finish this spring.  I spent 20 years trying to get back to school and have been busting bootie to finish my bachelor's in 3 years instead of 4.  I'm so close, I can taste it.... But I'm tired of the non-stop school!!

But!  I also love it.  *lol*  See, there's that contradiction in me.  I'm tired of it.... I want a break. But 2 weeks after semester ends.... I'll be craving the classroom again.  In fact, it's only another couple of weeks until early registration for the spring semester.  I'll start haunting blackboard and working out my schedule.  I'll be stalking my advisor, waiting for her to put up the sign-in sheet for advising appointments....  Thankfully, she likes me!!  :)

Oooh!! Oooh!! I decided on a project!!  The big one for my portfolio!!  It's going to be one of the dresses out of Patterns of Fashion (book 2) by Janet Arnold.   I haven't quite decided which one yet..... but, soon!!
I'm very, very excited about it.  I may even post progress reports and pictures!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ok so sometimes....

I get tired.  And I don't mean the "geez I wanna go back to bed" tired.  Tho' gods' know I've got that going on.  No, I mean the "I'm tired of the track my life is on.....aren't we THERE YET?!?!"  I've been steady going to school now since the Fall of '08.  Non-stop.  That's three semesters a year, 'cause I'm not gonna waste a summer when I can cram in at least 9 credit hours.  No, I'm not really a glutton for punishment... :)

So we're cramming at the costume shop right now.  First dress rehearsal for the upcoming musical is a week away.  We still have several outfits to build.  In fact, one of them is in my purse right now.  :)  It's also "fall break" at school. Which means all of my classmates are sleeping in and chasing good times, and I'm hunched over the sewing machine.  *sigh*  I know. I know.  This is my choice.  I'm trying to get school done as quickly as possible.  It'll be worth it in the long as I don't think too hard about grad school.  lol....

BUT!!  I did get to have a great conversation about an independent project for my portfolio today with my mentor!  I'm very very excited about it.  Turn of the century -- Victorian/Edwardian -- dress with LOTS of details. I'm sure I'm jumping feet first into the deep end and that I may have gone a little overboard -- but the dress is sooooooo pretty!!! I can hardly wait to start working on it!

Another good thing about today -- one of the pieces we're building is a 1940's evening gown.  It's a lovely shade of robin egg's blue with shiny white lace overlay.  Boss says it'll be a good one for photographing and putting in my portfolio to show my construction skills.  He's so nice to me!  :)

So while part of today was a heaping pile of "poor me", it didn't really last long.  Yeah, I get tired.  I want to be done and moving on to more.  But just making my way through the process lets me make beautiful things and learn new and spiffy stuff...... Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I now want an industrial sewing machine...... lol!! Oh, ebaaaaayyyyyyy.......

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day One -- 10/8/2010

So this is my most recent attempt at blogging.  Several people have been pestering me -- you know who you are -- so suffer along and visit often.  :)

Back pain kept me away from the costume shop today.  I could barely stand up -- no way was I driving for an hour to hunch over rental repairs!!  So shot an email to my boss.  He'll understand.  I'll even bring him goodies tomorrow and all will be well.

Several hours later, pain has eased and I am able to get to the computer and set this up.  The whole time listening to some of my favorite songs.  Mostly country these days unless I'm really feeling nostalgic -- then it's stuff from growing up.  Which would be the 70's and 80's.

Music is always a lovely source of inspiration for me.  Currently -- Rascal Flatts with "My Wish".  Awesome song.