Thursday, October 14, 2010

Very very tired....but

it was a pretty good day.  I actually got to sleep in somewhat today.  AND I get to sleep in til 7am tomorrow!!  Yay me!!  :)  But the best part of today was working in the shop.  I'm in the process of building a 1940's era evening gown for an upcoming musical.  It's Cinderella ballgown blue satin with a lighter-blue shiny allover lace on top. I flatlined the lace to the satin, which was a real pain in the left foot by the way, and built the bodice the other day.  Today was all about the skirt.  Thankfully, the lace is loose and flowy -- no flatlining involved!! -- but there's lots of skirt.  I started at 3p this afternoon and quit at 8p.  Honestly, I didn't notice the time -- it literally flew by.  And it's days like today that tell me I found one of the things I was meant to do.  I love creating with fabric!!!

Also, someone sent me a link the other day of these absolutely incredible dancers..... I'd post the link here, but can't pull up the website at the moment -- maybe tomorrow.  But it's an inspiring video -- the level of trust this woman has for her partner is incredible.  The leaps and throws and spins.... omg! it's just phenomenal to watch!  Makes me want to dance. To be able to throw myself around like that.....  We'll see..... :)

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