Monday, November 8, 2010

So, life happens....

and I don't manage time for blogging.  Time for playing on facebook? Check.  Zombie tv shows? Check.  Also, awesome by the way.  Time for screaming at the tv while my favorite football team creams it's opponents?  Oh, yeah!!  Putting my thoughts down on virtual paper where anyone can read it, thereby making myself vulnerable to the opinions of random strangers?  Umm, not so much.  *grin*

I am trying.  Really.  I never kept a journal or diary as a teen/child.  Tons and tons of angsty poetry -- definately have plenty of that from the years of darkness.  :)  Today?  Just working my way through to graduation.

Managed to meet with my advisor last week.  She was properly blown away by the amount of progress I've made.  Instead of taking 5+ years to finish, I should be done next year.  Constant schooling = results.  Gee, avoid parties, actually study, and take more than the minimum of classes and one actually manages to finish. Go figure....

Many people today are up in arms about the budget cuts hitting higher education.  I am too, just to be clear.  I hate that the first areas to be cut are the arts, languages, and theatre.  Theatre being my area, I'm glad I've managed to get in most of my classes already.  They gutted the language department.  There is a protest in the capital next week that I'm trying to decide if I can manage to get too.  Who knows, maybe one more body there would make a difference.  Sadly, part of the problem is the students themselves.

The school celebrates the increases in enrollment and makes sure everyone knows about the budget cuts.  They dont' like to talk about things like students taking 6+ years to finish ONE bachelors' degree!!  Maybe if the students were GRADUATING on time the state government would make a bigger effort to help us keep our funding.  I think that they could offer more classes online and maybe consolidate a few buildings -- some of 'em seem very empty.  Maybe throw some solar panels on the rooftops to help offset the electrical costs.  I don't know -- just seems to me that there are tons of things that could be done to help the school.


The almost funny part of this?  I'll be leaving this school after graduation to another for a second bachelor's degree.  And then maybe even grad school!!

Silly me --- must be a glutton for punishment!!

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  1. You are just a glutton for sure. Maybe one day, when I have no little guys needing me, I will go back to school. I only have 5 classes left to get my Masters. But.... eh.