Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turned around....

and, holy heck, it's DECEMBER!!!  Who said the year could just up and disappear on me like that?!?!?  I am soooo not ready for a new year.  **eyeroll**

Sadly, I have once again failed in my desire to be fully ready for the holidays long before the events themselves.  I still have stockings and a tree skirt to make.  I have bananas ripening as I type for the banana bread I want to make.  The dog ate the marshmallows for the rice krispie treats.... By the way, they DID NOT agree with her.  Ugh.

Thankfully, most of the gifts are gathered and wrapped.  Couple little things left to pick up.  A couple things to make.  Oh, and the rapid cleaning of the house still needs to occur.

I did finish the semester with a 4.0!!  Yay, me.  This brings me that much closer to graduating at the honor's level I'm shooting for.  I'm currently stalking the registration website trying to get a better set of classes for the kinesiology that I have to have.  I'd prefer yoga over plain ole' walking.....

Tonight is the night of a lunar eclipse.  On solstice.  And a meteor shower.  So, why am I at the computer??  It's a wee bit cold. And I have nowhere to sit and look up.  So, I make do with running back and forth between the awesomeness outside and the 'puter.  :)

Gotta go look some more!!

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